Lawyers For The Uk Government Rejected This, Saying The Argument Was Fatally Undermined By The Fact That Powers Over Foreign Affairs Are Reserved To Westminster.

Brexit now returns to the political realm - and the fundamental political arguments remain the same. The SNP will try to amend the legislation to give the Scottish government a say through the joint ministerial council. The UK government will continue to argue it is seeking to carry out the will of the UK electorate and this is a UK-wide issue. And the divisions the referendum result threw up are likely to resurface in the commons. It's feasible that, if no amendments are accepted, 58 of Scotland's 59 MPs could vote against triggering Article 50. Today's decision doesn't stop Brexit. It might not even delay triggering Article 50. Meanwhile, the Scottish government was also represented in the Supreme Court case, with Lord Advocate James Wolffe arguing Holyrood's consent should also be sought due to the "significant changes" Brexit would have on devolved powers. Lawyers for the UK government rejected this, saying the argument was "fatally undermined" by the fact that powers over foreign affairs are reserved to Westminster. The judges unanimously rejected Mr Wolffe's arguments, saying that the principle of legislative consent "does not give rise to a legally enforceable obligation". They said the Sewel Convention, which provides that Holyrood should be consulted where Westminster legislation cuts across devolved areas, plays "an important role in the operation of the UK constitution", but is not a matter for the courts.

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