Russia Only Allows One Airline Per Country To Use Its Airspace And Under The Terms Of A 1956 Soviet-era Deal With Denmark, Norway And Sweden Only Scandinavian Airlines And Aeroflot Can Fly The Route.

Wizz Air said it hotels in la would fly to Sofia from May and Budapest from December, taking the number of German airports it flies from to 11. Low cost carriers have so far not taken major market share at Frankfurt, due to its high costs and long turnaround times. But airport operator Fraport, seeking to compensate for slower passenger number growth at main customer Lufthansa, last year signed up Ryanair, which had previously ruled out routes from Frankfurt. "The decision by Wizz Air also underscores the growing importance of Frankfurt for the low-cost market," Fraport sales executive Winfried Hartmann said in a statement. Lufthansa, which called for Fraport to lower fees after the Ryanair deal was announced, said this month it was looking at low-cost flying out of Frankfurt using its Eurowings budget brand. While other low-cost carriers expand in Germany, Transavia, a unit of Air France-KLM, said Monday it would no longer base aircraft at Munich after this summer, saying it was uncertain whether it could make a profit. Air France-KLM had wanted to grow Transavia into a pan-European carrier but after strikes by Air France pilots, it said in November that Transavia would focus on its home markets of the Netherlands and France. (Reporting by Victoria Bryan; Editing by Maria Sheahan) Next In Industrials

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Russia only allows one airline per country to use its airspace and under the terms of cheap flights to miami florida from ft lauderdale a 1956 Soviet-era deal with Denmark, Norway and Sweden only Scandinavian Airlines and Aeroflot can fly the route. Since Scandinavia is three countries and SAS, which is partly owned by all three, only flies direct to Asia from Denmark and Sweden, Norway should rework the deal, Norwegian Air argues. Europe's third-largest budget airline by passenger numbers after Ryanair and EasyJet has to take a longer, more expensive route for its flights to Thailand. Now Norwegian Air wants to fly elsewhere in Asia and its executives met Norway's foreign minister Boerge Brende on Tuesday to see if the deal could be replaced. "We have our planes ready to go and we want to start flying these direct routes to Asia as soon as possible, but we can't because of this incredibly outdated deal," its spokeswoman said. "Most of these Asian routes will never happen if we are not allowed to fly over Siberia. It would be so much more expensive that we haven't even bothered to do the maths." Norway's transport ministry said it plans to bring up the case during the first half of 2017. "Norwegian authorities are continuously assessing how these rights may best be secured in the negotiations with Russia," it wrote in a statement. Scandinavian Airlines said it would not stand in the way of a new deal, while Russia's flights authority did not immediately comment. "We would very much like to see free competition over Siberia, and have lobbied for this on several occasions", an SAS spokesman said.

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Image copyright Danny Lawson / PA Image caption Across the country the votes were ferried to the counting centres. Image copyright Sean Gallup / Getty Images Image caption The first boxes to make their way to the count were in Gibraltar, as the British territory is an hour ahead of the UK. Image copyright Sean Gallup / Getty Images Image caption At Gibraltar University the validity of ballot papers was checked in the verification centre before counting began. The British territory was the first to officially declare a result, with 96% voting to Remain. Image copyright Ian Forsyth / Getty Images Image caption The ballot papers were counted at the 382 local counting areas, including this one in Sunderland. Image copyright Ian Forsyth / Getty Images Image caption When the area declared in the early hours of Friday the Leave campaign polled most votes as expected, though the margin of victory was larger than many predicted. Image copyright Jeff Overs Image caption At 3.30am the Leave campaign was slightly ahead, the figures being projected onto the exterior of Broadcasting House in London. Image copyright Kiyoshi Ota / EPA Image caption The value of the pound fell dramatically as it emerged that the UK had voted to leave the EU. In Japan the Nikkei 225 Stock Average also fell, the figures seen here on the streets of the Japanese capital. Image copyright Virginia Mayo / AP Image caption In Brussels, the words "Please Stay" was spelt out in flowers in front of an EU office.

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