Some Ideas On Sensible Secrets In New York Times

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​Stossel reported the Times has a history of shoddy scare-stories about the "threat" of the Pebble Bay mine. This latest one was reported by Tatiana Schlossberg -- who is Caroline Kennedy's daughter, granddaughter of JFK and Jackie Onassis. He mocked the math of her recent piece  "23 Environmental Rules Rolled Back in Trump's First 100 Days."  That's a fake headline in an age where headlines circulate on social media and affect public opinion before anyone clicks on the article. But the article lists only nine. Fourteen others were "under review" or in "limbo" -- not rolled back. Schlossberg is not a stickler for accuracy, not when liberal-activist hyperbole works better: Her Bristol Bay story claimed the proposed Pebble Mine was "on" Bristol Bay. But it isn't. It's more than 100 miles away. When we asked Schlossberg about that, she replied, "I'm not going to comment on that. If you have a problem or a question, you can direct it to the standards editor." So we did, and to my surprise, the standards editor published a correction: "The mine is not on Bristol Bay itself." But he defended the Times' headline saying "near Bristol Bay" because "it is in the watershed of Bristol Bay ...

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