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We are leaving the customs union but we are aiming for a good future for Britain," Mr Davis said. He also said he was confident the two sides would reach an agreement on a "transitional" or "implementation" phase - to last between 18 months and two years after the UK leaves next year - in time for an EU summit at the end of March. After lunch with Mr Davis and a 20-minute meeting with Theresa May, Mr Barnier said there was "some divergence" between the two sides when it came to issues relating to transition and how the exit deal would be enforced. "The only thing I can say, without a customs union and outside the single market, barriers to trade in goods and services are unavoidable. The time has come to make a choice." The government's 11-strong Brexit cabinet sub-committee will meet on Wednesday and Thursday as UK officials prepare to brief their EU counterparts on their vision for post-Brexit relations on Friday. At the same time, there will be initial discussions on the "transitional" period as well as efforts to convert the details of December's agreement on the Irish border, citizens' rights and money into a legal framework. Ahead of this, Downing Street ruled out any form of customs union with the EU, which would give the UK access to tariff-free trade within the bloc but mean it cannot negotiate its own deals with other countries. Downing Street said the government had set out two potential alternatives last summer - a new customs partnership without the need for any customs checks and a "highly streamlined" arrangement in which EU arrivals would be subject to customs checks but in a way that minimised disruption through technology. No 10 would not say which was the preferred option and said work was continuing on both proposals.

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